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Know-how in functional fibres made of lyocell

Experts in textile fibres - global supply

Cell Solution has expertise within the field of liquid filled lyocell functional fibres. We supply manufacturers globally.
Cell Solution® functional fibres made of lyocell are produced particularly environmentally friendly with the patented ALCERU® procedure. The active substance is directly integrated into the cellulose matrix, imparting a permanent function to the cellulose.

Unlike many synthetic raw materials, the product supplied by our cellulose supplier, Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp, is produced from a natural and renewable resource. The timber consumption of Saiccor Mill and Ngodwana Mills is comprised primarily of Eucalyptus hardwoods.

Cell Solution® functional lyocell fibres are available for both yarn- and fill purposes

Cell Solution® is a joint venture between TITK (Smartpolymer GmbH) in Germany, the original developer and pantentholder of the liquid filled lycocell fibres, and Cell Solution ApS (Larsen Production ApS) in Denmark.

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